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To Fight
Emancipation Proclamation Next

House and Senate Republicans have begun making a wish list of laws they don't like and will attack during the now annual budget showdown next year.

Encouraged by the media coverage (if not actual success) of their current budget-hostage gambit which continues as of  11:59 p.m., Republican lawmakers say they'll use the budget every year as a weapon in their arsenal to destroy the world.

Weasel watchers say the short list of laws they'll attack next year includes the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the 19th and 13th Ammendments to the Constitution, and even the Emancipation Proclamation itself—if they can figure out where it is.

Those who know about such things say there's no limit to how little lawmakers might do in the 113th Congress if they stick to their guns. Those who know about such things also point out that the 112th Congress set the bar historically low as the least productive in history, and that it would take an unprecedented lack of effort to do less.

Those same people who know about such things note the weasels' lack of effort will be enhanced for the foreseeable future since they won't be able to phone it in like they usually do as the congressional switchboard will be inoperative during the government shut down.




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































       Vol. 1; Sermon 3      
(Part II)

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Of Weasels and Men...


              The Weasel War… Free-Basing Capitalism...
              Of Weasels and Men…The Fire This Time!…
We The Good People…. 

Part II

The Weasel War…


Colorado--To recap Part I…

The share of federal tax revenue from corporations has plummeted from around 30 percent in the mid-50s to about 7 percent in 2007! During that same period, the share of federal tax revenue from payroll taxes increased from around 10 percent to almost 45 percent!15

In the fire last time Senator Bennet voted Nay! with the half-wit psycho-weasels on the American Taxpayer Relief Act, showing his true blue (blooded) colors and support for the Very Big Business agenda he studied in business school and got his hands bloody on working for a multi-billion-multi-national-very-big-business before his ascent by appointment in politics, and willingness to let the country go to financial hell in a hand basket just to make a f#%king point. Senator Bennet’s remarks to the New York Times’ very hot and liberal-horny Mo Dowd on New Year’s Day who printed them in her oft’ lovely column smacked of the sort of cowardly coded but insidious weasel whisper we’re only just now beginning to hear loud and clear as the weasel war cry it is: “I think the inhabitants of the past are fighting hard to keep the rents they acquired in the 20th century.”16

To which yours truly replied it was unclear whether the ostensibly good Senator was speaking in terms abstract or concrete, but either way his remarks were the biggest crock of steaming sh!t yet shat in the 21st century! Or something very near to that.

(And also we were waiting to see how the ostensibly good Senator would vote on the budget fiasco in the fire this time.)

And that brings us current and to what turns out to be the weasely Senator Bennet’s clearly steadfast support for the weasel agenda and cynical weasely marketing of it as the cure for what ails the middle class, when in fact he and the weasels for whom he doth bid know it is the wine upon which the masses will be wasted and our dreams dashed.

The idea that the theoretical capitalism of the business school class that began to emerge in the 1970s and feast in the 1980s—and is now poised to institutionalize its self-serving gospel of hyper-perpetual-profit-maximization-value-redefinition-remote-control-capitalism—will strengthen and empower the poor and middle class is an insult to reason every bit as sick and twisted and ugly as the “delousing” showers at Auschwitz!

Our ability—and perhaps even more importantly, our will—to create a sustainable socio-economic model that will include and engage all the members of our society is the defining issue of our lifetime—indeed, of our civilization. And the Senator Bennets’ of the world, and Romneys and Ryans and Hillarys’ and Hickenloopers will all say the very same f#%king thing. That’s the bait. The switch is when it comes to making the actual laws and adding this amendment and that rider and massaging this language and adding that clause all at the behest and bidding of lobbyists for corporate weasels and wealthy weasel donors. What we’re left with is a socio-economic nightmare: a body of legislative work dictated by corporate interests and the wealthy, and responsible for the largest shift of wealth transferred from the masses to the wealthy in a “peaceful society” in the history of the world (probably)! The switch is from high-minded words marketing the American Dream, to the reality of public policy that insures it will never happen!


The issue of creating a sustainable government and economic policy that ostensibly empowers and provides opportunity for The Good People is almost always broached in an innocuous, seemingly common sense question about the kind of government we have or want or need. From stump speeches to incendiary bluster from both God-forsaken parties, it’s all the oratorical rage now to carry on about the kind of government we want or some such, as if maybe democracy—or more precisely, our constitutional republic—might not be such a good idea after all.

And who couldn’t argue that recent behavior by socio-political (and very likely physiological) inbreds over something so basic as passing a f#%king budget to keep the goddamned government open support such a rethinking of how best to preserve The Republic going forward!? Clearly this constipated bottleneck of insane priorities championed by silly second-rate personalities is unsustainable! (There’s a protocol for dealing with domestic threats to bring down the government! What’s the protocol for a government trying to bring itself down!? Why haven’t these skeevy weasel sons of bitches been lined up against a wall in Joe Biden’s backyard and stoned with their own feces and water-boarded with their own poison pee!?) 

But as immediately gratifying as blaming the type of government we have for our sh!tty state of affairs might be, our problem is not democracy, but how we’ve whored it out. It doesn’t take a f#%king scientist—rocket, political or otherwise—to figure out that opportunist weasels have overrun our culture and taken control of the political process! The skeevy weasel sons of bitches have doused the whole sick and twisted process with their crazy-making and highly addictive poison pee! The soulless weaseliticians who drink that nasty sh!t up like it’s a fine rare wine are addicted to the cash and drugs and whores and pre-paid iPhones and Vegas all the time their weasel overlords ply them with in exchange for implementing the Weasel War endgame and handing the keys to the American Dream and our future over to them!

The truth is we’ve made ugly the new pretty so nobody notices how ugly we’ve become. In redefining and reframing the issues, the players, the circumstances, and even the political process itself, we change whorish behavior into virtue by slapping lipstick on it and attaching a couple of toothless rules! We don’t even try to preserve the appearance of propriety anymore! Corruption is not only ubiquitous, but we’ve embraced it like the new f#%king normal, even necessary for survival! Steroids for the weasel class! And now like the Sosas and McGwires and Bonds’ and A-Rods of the world, even your congressman is doing it! They all do… just to keep up, of course!

For whatever reason (disgust, disinterest, distractions, other words beginning with dis-), we’ve failed to weed out the opportunists and profiteers in their insidious assault on our political process and the American Dream! Now the skeevy little bastards have started to nest in the cloakrooms of Congress and stain the halls with their crazy-making poison pee! Soon the weasels will have the entire United States Congress goose-stepping all the way to Wall Street to pick up their bonuses!

And therein lies the heart of the matter: It’s not The Good People making the rules, but the wealthy weasel class whose legions of lobbyists throw enough money and whores at weasely politicians so they adjust their heads and do whatever they’re told! And there’s not an elected official in Washington (or anywhere else, for that matter) who doesn’t need to raise money to keep his job. What’s more, most could care less how dirty and even bloody the hands are that give it to them! And what the wealthy weasel class wants in exchange for its campaign contributions and luxury golf outings and fact-finding tours to the Caribbean is the same record profits they’ve grown use to—especially in the last decade and a half, but really since the 70s when universities began handing out business degrees to listless uninspired students like hard candy to stupid kids!

A new economic model had to be created to accommodate this new self-created self-important class of business majors and MBAs. To wit, the skeevy scheming little bastards justified their own existence by cutting costs and redefining and reframing the issue so as to insert themselves into the equation as indispensable in this new sick and twisted grand economic vision favoring managers and consultants over artisans and workers, value redefinition over value added, and hyper profit maximization and speculation over steady sustainable growth and community investment. Something had to give in order to justify and finance this new emerging weasel class’s existence. Someone had to go in order to make room for the business majors who look at numbers on a paper and pass the paper on up the weasel ladder to other weasels who look at numbers and him-haw around before cutting worker salaries or healthcare benefits or paid vacations or workers altogether as they give it a corporate makeover (code for firing workers and shedding financial obligations, or even shuttering the business altogether) .

Just so is how the not so slow death of the American worker happened. And in the corporate makeover/restructuring frenzy, Wall Street’s points and profits free-base model of capitalism ate his union, his healthcare, pension, other benefits, then his health, house, and finally his job and self-respect! All while those who did it waved a flag and preached the providential preeminence of American capitalism and its new reconfigured rejuvenated American Dream! The skeevy soulless bastards are spending billions and billions of dollars every year to brainwash society and culture into believing that if you give rich people and big business tax breaks and whatever preferential treatment they want, the economy will magically improve and riches and wisdom and self-fulfillment will trickle down to the masses and make us all healthy, wealthy and wise! Like unto God, even!

Sure health issues and downsizing and cyclical this, that and the other and such will cause some to fall into a lower socio-economic class and certain adaptive choices will have to be made. But when you think about it, that’s really the beauty of the master plan! After all, there has to be someone to buy the cheap ass sh!t the child in China who has their job made!

What am I, f#%king stupid!? Did it rain poison weasel pee last night and cause us all to lose our f#%king minds!?

Pure capitalism is moving from its Go! Fight! Win! stage to its Rape! Plunder! and Pillage! stage! We’re at the endgame in the goddamned Weasel War! Once the skeevy bastards switch it to auto-pilot, the middle class will begin to disappear—slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, then by the time anyone notices, the weasels have moved in and the middle class has inexplicably disappeared into social oblivion—except as target markets for the cheap China-made sh!t in all the stores! Sound familiar!?


Free-Basing Capitalism…


Again, the problem is not with democracy, but how we’re fueling it. This extreme-octane-hyper-free-based-corporate whore mixture we’re running now will turn The Land That Was Made For You And Me into a fracking-scarred, pipeline plastered, terrorist target-rich wasteland that bows down to and worships points and profits while it cynically rages on about the patriotism of plundering our birthright and exploiting that which makes us special! The Good People will be left to plod along on China-made weasel treadmills powering the weasel wonderland for the wealthy, locked in a life or death battle to stay ahead of the value stabilization point and certain bloody death should we slip or fall behind and be defaulted into the wood-chipper they’ve placed at the foot of the treadmill!

The extremist free-based capitalism we’ve embraced over the past 40 years serves only the interests of the wealthy and big business who are all about the points and profits. Unfortunately the vast majority of Americans are all about the milk and eggs—and rent and heat! And education and health care and protecting our environment from the insatiable greed of profiteers so it will be there for future generations of The Good People! Our socio-economic agenda is being set by the 1 percent (and 1 percent wannabes, the 10 percent) whose interests are not remotely compatible with the 99 percent (or even the 90 percent). And if they can’t throw enough cash and whores and Vegas junkets and stock tips at half-wit politicians to see things the way they f#%king want them to, they’ll face a well-funded serious challenge in their primary next time! This cynical, deluded, sick and twisted state of the state is killing the American Dream, all the while redefining and reframing and remarketing it so it seems larger and closer than ever to us poor sad saps who still believe in it!

If we have any chance to sustain this grand American experiment long enough to see it work the way it should, we simply must change how capitalism functions within our socio-economic system. It cannot continue to be the exclusive realm and laboratory of Wall Street. This extremist strain of capitalism must be reconfigured so it becomes the tool for every street! Even gravel streets and dirt roads and roads less f#%king traveled!

Capitalism can be and often is an economic juggernaut perfectly suited for nation-building. But if it’s not calibrated for the mature needs of a complex society and economy, it behaves more like an alligator attacking and dragging an impala under water and into a death-roll in terms of administering and nurturing the financial, human and other capital necessary to sustain that nation!

Dare to f#%king doubt!?

Consider the Cal Berkeley study17 “Striking It Richer: The Evolution of Top Incomes in the United States,” released in September, and reported by Annie Lowery at the New York Times in “The Rich Get Richer Through Recovery,” Sept. 10, 2013.18 Despite a title that suggests the rich make money even for going through rehab (which they no doubt do), the article examines economic data over a long period of our history, and compares it with recent economic data up to and including the recovery (nearly to date). These are the facts:

• in 2012, more than half of the country’s total income was taken by the top 10 percent of earners, the most ever recorded since the government began collecting relevant data a century ago;

• the top 1 percent took over one-fifth of the income earned by Americans, one of the highest levels on record since 1913, when the government instituted an income tax;

• the top 1 percent has captured almost 95 percent of the income gains since the recession ended;

• all this while the percentage of Americans working or looking for work is at its lowest in 35 years.

Renowned economists Emmanuel Saez (University of California, Berkeley) and Thomas Piketty (University of Paris) who conducted the study insist that without fundamental changes in the economy and tax policy, the concentration of income among the wealthy is unlikely to change.

Income has never been as concentrated at the top as it is now. Over the past five years, wealthy incomes recovered and surged with the recovery when the stock market and home values and corporate profits rose—and in many cases reported record profits—while the rest of us got laid off, fired, or worked for stupid wages while our rents went up because weasels bought up the mortgages of the defaulted lives they facilitated and raised our rents because they could! The skeevy scheming weasel bastards have made fortunes out of the misfortune they themselves cultivated and caused! And they’ve resisted any efforts to fix the system they’ve spent so much time and effort and money to get just the way they want it—making money for themselves coming and going—and dealing with any effort to reign it in and moderate it as if it were nothing short of an evil godless Marxist pogrom perpetrated against the American Way! It is the weasel class modus operandi!


Of Weasels and Men


Make no f#%king mistake: We’re in the fight of our lives! The weasel-rich will eat us all if the evil axis of Wall Street Very-Big-Business Weasels, the Whiney Weasel Rich, and the Soulless Weaseliticians who suckle at their teats all succeed in implementing their self-serving plan of perpetual profit maximization remote control capitalism! We’ve all seen the skeevy pinstriped blue-haired barkers and weasely celebrity shills in cute skits waving a flag in one hand and clutching a golf club or steering wheel or young hot blond or a too-cute baby in the other: Step right up! Anybody can win! Even a black man can be president! Who knows, maybe even a woman! Step right up! All you need to get started on your American Dream is a credit card! Quickly, no dawdling, there’s stuff you need now—we’ll even give you stuff when you buy stuff, that’s how important it all is—but whatever you do don’t be late or heaven-f#%king-forbid miss a payment! Hurry now, the sale season is starting, buy your stuff, make your payments, get more credit and buy bigger, better stuff and embrace your constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness and the split-level bungalow with plenty of room for a pool and live the American Dream! Everybody’s doing it! It’s how the future is!

The weasels peddling this sh!t philosophy don’t give a rat’s ass about our American Dream! Their American Dream is selling bedazzled saps a seriously f#%ked-up ideology and accompanying lifestyle they can’t possibly afford and then sweeping the predictable defaulted shards of those shattered lives into their weasel bank accounts! And that is all that f#%king matters! Period!


The good Senator’s views on social economics (as reflected in his voting record) are a matter of public record. Of course as we discussed in Part I: The Fire Last Time, most recently there was the American Taxpayer Relief Act to which the good Senator said Nay! (on New Year’s early morn 2013). (Again, that was a Nay! to returning temporary income tax cuts for the rich as well as the capital gains tax rate to their original pre-Bush-era levels [who ever could have predicted the rich would react like petulant children when it came time to keep their end of a sweetheart deal to begin with!?]; Nay! to getting rid of ridiculous tax credits and deductions for the rich; and Nay! to continuing help for working class Americans still reeling from the repercussions of the greedy soulless weasels’ half-baked philosophy of perpetual profit maximization when it damn near wrecked the world economy a few years ago!)19

True, it was only one vote—albeit in many ways a truly defining vote. Nevertheless, ‘t would be boorish and unfair to stir sh!t up without looking at a broader swath of what the good Senator’s employ hath wrought for The Good People of Colorado.

There was Senate Amendment 373320 to impose limits on financial institutions, thus preventing them from becoming too big to fail, to which the good Senator said Nay!; and Senate Amendment 101421 which would have prevented mortgage foreclosures and preserved home values, to which the good Senator said Nay! again!

The good Senator did say Yea! to a Senate bill capping credit card interest at 15 percent. But as Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi reported in his Taibblog,22 that was only after a visit from senior Democratic weasel from New York Senator Charles Schumer23 who presumably after a bit of vote counting saw the measure would be easily defeated without Bennet’s vote and suggested the junior Senator/weasel-in-training from Colorado change his vote from Nay! to Yea! so as to shelter himself from the holy f#%king sh!t storm that would surely come from such an unpopular vote with The Good People back home!

Turns out the record shows not only where Senator Bennet’s heart lies, but also what color his blood is—blue with occasional character lapses of skeevy yellow! (Perhaps the good Senator oughta get that checked out.)24

Senator Bennet’s unflinching support for this way of life is heartbreaking, and is not what The Good People thought we were getting. Is he the angel-faced golden boy future of the f#%king party that makes Mo gush!? Or a skeevy little forked-tongue weasel winking at his fellow corporate makeover artists and bourgeois benefactors while he pretends to do his job representing The Good People!? (Can a hidden video where he bitch-slaps half of us Americans as shiftless sonsabitches who ought to be put down be far away!? His reelection is only three years away so we’re right in the middle of campaign fund-raising season!) 

Maybe The Good People of Colorado need to reexamine Senator Bennet’s years as a Romney-style corporate makeover artist and the sort of processes involved in making over and restructuring companies. Who knows what sorta disease he came into contact with at the Anschutz Corporation—notorious psycho-religious weasel tea-party zealots famous for buying up desirable assets and making fortunes untold in the chaos and confusion of unloading them! Lots of culture-killing diseases germinate and incubate and pollinate in skeevy, vague occupations like corporate makeover artist where they do anything they want in the name of God and capitalism!


The Fire This Time!


So why all this now? The good Senator’s grand point-making vote was in January. He and the handful of half-wit whackadoodle psycho-weasels he voted with lost 89-8. The stop-gap measure that passed provided for a few more months of not working this sh!t out and blaming each other for the rest of the year while The Good People grew predictably weary. (Then rinse and f#%king repeat while The Good People grow too f#%king weary to give a flying f#%k anymore and just walk quietly into the delousing showers!) Well, the f#%king fire next time is here, goddammit!

The weasels had until September 30 to pass a budget for the fiscal year. In the days leading up to the deadline the whackadoodle-drunk House passed a series of doomed and ridiculous budgets with amendments requiring various aspects of Obamacare be defunded or dropped (the 40-somethingth and counting time House Republicans have put it to a vote this year). (After the first such bill they passed, they took off like punk-ass kids who started a fire they couldn’t control for another vacation on September 20, after having spent the entire month of August on vacation, and a grand total of nine days in September in the office, as it were.) Boehner and his healthcare-hater country club Republicans announced their strategy to demand Obamacare be defunded, and the whackadoodle Republicans, in addition to assassinating the dreaded Obamacare and its despicable mission to bring affordable healthcare to all Americans, vowed to eliminate food stamps, student loans, Head Start,25 and a lot of other stuff that helped make the American Dream available to all Americans.26

Both the Country Club Weasels and the Whackadoodle Weasels of the desperately-seeking-something party vowed to hold the country hostage until their list of demands were met! They promised to continue doing nothing through the October 18 default deadline—not passing a bill to raise the debt limit so the government can pay its bills and stay open, almost certainly causing the government to default on loans and get b!tch-slapped around by credit rating agencies that will no doubt plunge the world economy into another recession (if not outright depression)—and keep sitting on their skeevy little forked-clawed paws while they talk out of their forked-tongue pie-holes about how heroic and patriotic they all are, all the way through the holiday season and up to the New Year’s Day 2014 deadline when a new round of sequester cuts kick in!27

The current Congress (112th) is the least productive in history. And the race for the (dis)honor wasn’t even close.28 Republicans submitted the same bill to defund Obamacare time after time!29 In an incredulous editorial, the New York Times wrote: “They actually think they can get the Senate, and ultimately the president, to approve the defunding of the health law—Mr. Obama’s most important achievement—by threatening to harm the nation and the economy.”30

Crazy ass rich-people non-profits31 run by the likes of the Koch brothers and of course the ghost of the great white gun-clinching Moses and a bunch of other sh!t-bloated bigot weasels are financing everything from recall elections over common sense gun laws that the public themselves cried out for to primary campaigns for any whackadoodle that doesn’t vote to have that black man’s (a Muslim, you know) healthcare law repealed! (Ain’t right, goddammit, for some foreigner—and a black one, at that—who practices that devil-worshipping-terrorist religion to tell us how long we can live and such!) By getting the simpleton weasel wannabes in Congress to do their bidding, the weasels get the simpleton-benefit-of-the-doubt vote back home, which is exactly the recipe and strategy under which the weasels will employ the makers of the rope that will be used to hang the rope makers.

When Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma finally grew a pair and refused to join the seditious wing of the whackadoodle psycho-weasels’—admittedly, his own people—and pledge to defund Obamacare in exchange for passing a budget to keep the government open, other whackadoodles were told not to sit by him in the lunch room or play with him at recess, and to taunt him for befriending the smarty-pants wing of the Republican party!32

These miserable weasel wretches are committed to sending us all to hell in a hand-basket—and will raise even more money if it happens!33 In fact, in terms of fund-raising, it’d be a goddamned season pass to weasel wonderland! They’ll be set for their political life (or the next two years, whichever comes first) on the greased up weasel/pesky-pecker/magic-twat-tweeting speaking circuit spouting crazy sh!t they don’t understand to shit-for-brains weasel wannabes who don’t understand it either but have tweetable hard-ons for it anyway!

For most of these insignificant weasels who support the politics of cultural chaos and social upheaval, this is the one chance they’ll have to get on the national TV Sunday talk shows and get their name in the New York Times and the Washington Post so there’ll be a record they ever existed on the planet, because otherwise these second-rate personalities will do nothing of consequence ever again in their lives! This is the “educated” half-baked white-trash half-wit whackadoodle psycho-weasel version of assassination for fame!

What’s really f#%ked up is that most of these wannabe weasel bastards have mind-f#%ked themselves so recklessly with ambition and hubris and rationalization that they actually think they’re doing something heroic! They’re like petulant children who’ve just discovered their easily amused peckers squirt happiness that feels like heroism and providence! And there’s a reason that even they themselves don’t completely fathom why they are compelled to squirt their happiness defiantly and willfully every chance they get! It makes them feel like heroic gods, and in some grand scheme that only those entrusted with such power and responsibility as them and their weasel colleagues with their providence-squirting peckers can possibly understand, they must be doing the work of the white trash version of the lord god all-f#%king-mighty!

Even Republican Senator John McCain blasted it as irrational, and has noted the presence of elements of the classic definition of insanity—to keep trying the same thing over but expecting a different outcome each time (referring again to the 40-somethingth time they’ve brought the kill Obabmacare bill up for a vote this f#%king session)! (Full disclosure: It was John McCain, to the best of my knowledge, who first coined the term “whackadoodles” to refer to the now commonly known—at least in my head—half-wit whackadoodle psycho-weasel wing of his own desperately seeking something party.) The in-this-case-good Senator McCain—like all the other times before—indicated in no uncertain terms that the Senate would not un-make a law they voted to make several years ago and that their own conservative Supreme Court affirmed less than a year ago!

There’s a process for making and changing and striking down laws, and this is not it! Surely congressional lawmakers are familiar with such processes? It is, after all, no doubt a job requirement! In the very same f#%king way you would expect an auto mechanic to know the process for diagnosing and fixing a bad alternator, you expect a lawmaker to know what the process is for making and changing and even striking down laws! These miserable wretches are like the unpopular kids who aren’t very good and don’t get picked when sides are chosen and don’t get much attention at all unless they pull some crazy ass sh!t like grabbing the kick-ball and running off into the woods! We’re suffering the revenge of the Losers!

Seriously!? This is going to be the sh!t fit the weasels throw every f#%king year from now on!?

Once again weaseliticians are spraying their diseased diarrhea and poison weasel pee all over their constituents and making a f#%king joke out of managing the affairs of government! Is it too f#%king much to ask to pay the goddamned bills, fund the sh!t you voted for, and manage the f#%king Republic!? We’re sick of this twisted treasonous sh!t masquerading as weasel patriotism! Do your f#%king job, then sit down and shut-the-f#%k-up!


The Good People of Colorado are worried Senator Bennet has, when all is said and done, set himself against his own constituency. We’re concerned his voting record indicates he’s taken the side of his own landed aristocracy against the poor peasant renter class majority. Or was his remark about old renters34 a high-f#%king-brow abstraction and nothing personal, ol’ sport? Seems to me the junior Senator from Colorado needs reminding the American Dream is not the American Dream unless it’s available to all Americans. An ever-elusive version like a carrot dangling just out of reach of The Good People chasing it on a treadmill that powers the money printers for the weasel class is not the American Dream.

One wonders if the good Senator Bennet cashed his paycheck back in January after he voted Nay! to the budget and kicked the issue down the road to deal with later. If so, clearly the good Senator must have thought he did his job and deserved to get paid!?

Sufficeth to say, The Good People have taken a keen interest in the ostensibly good Senator’s vote on The Fire This Time.


We The Good People!


We The Good People are the first fact acknowledged in the founding document of our Republic. This fundamental fact of our existence often gets overlooked when Wall Street starts throwing cash around and the weasel feeding frenzy grips Congress! Before you know it, the weasel-snakes have us believing it’s good for the Republic if we take a bite of their complicated and strange economic fruit. If we do, their minions say, we’ll become like them—wise and rich and like unto God!

This is not America! This is a cautionary tale! This is what happens when so much money is dumped into a political system that it attracts second-rate personalities and weasel-financed opportunists like flies to weasel sh!t! Now we have a second-rate government universally known for corruption, inefficiency, and serving the interests of big business and the wealthy and connected over the interests of a suffering majority!35

Our sworn representatives have embraced the weasel agenda while The Good People’s interests, in the after-election light, are nothing more than a pretext to make the necessary connections to enrich themselves now and in the future—if they can just get us to walk quietly into the delousing showers!

The Good People have had enough. We’ve been lied to, about and around, and managed and mismanaged and handled and mishandled and f#%ked, f#%ked over and flat out f#%ked up the ass until all we see is business-as-f#%king-usual every time all the time. We see a once-revered institution that has embraced corruption and deception as the new normal and has transformed itself right under our noses into a despised institution in the service of the elite. We see the elite throwing so much cash into the political system to enlist the help of soulless weasels to make the laws that will destroy the very people the culturally retarded weasel morons were elected to represent. We’ve had enough of the profound disrespect being shown us by those in whose hands we place so much.


The Good People of the state of Colorado have a long and venerable history of NOT selling our souls. In the history of the world only one city has ever snubbed the Olympics. The Good People of the city and county of Denver (and the whole state of Colorado, really) were concerned about the costs—both to taxpayers and to the environment—and told the IOC to take a flying—er, go sledding in Innsbruck, Austria for the 1976 Olympics!36

Furthermore, in the unlikely event the IOC makes another offer to Denver and/or Colorado to host an Olympics, were it put to a public vote, there’s a better than damn good chance voters would bitch slap the IOC—and Governor John and Mayor Hancock who’ve begun to make noises about putting together a bid— around again and tell them to take their sleds to another damn hill on another damn mountain in another damn state or another damn country, says former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm who led the successful campaign against the ’76 games. (This all with the U.S. Olympic headquarters just down the road in the Springs!)

Moreover, we’re neither amused nor encouraged by bully behavior or cheap shills from our trusted and even cherished community leaders. (The Good Governor John drank frack water37 in a public relations stunt and then threatened to sue any city that banned fracking. The city of Ft. Collins went ahead with its ban; apparently The Good Wise Governor has backed off his threats of ridiculous law suits for now.)

And when the magnificent Crisco or Christo or whatever-the-f#%k he calls himself announced his plans to construct his magnum-f#%king-opus sh!t rags over the Arkansas River “art” installation in the Bighorn Sheep Canyon in southern Colorado, those whose everyday lives were most effected by the whims of the weasel class rose up and filed lawsuits and will no doubt keep speaking truth to power for as long as politicians and the weasel class conspire to mark our majestic landscape with their poison weasel pee projects!38 We The Good People refuse to exploit that which makes us special for a whorish philosophy of public policy! The skeevy weasel bastards have already taken all our money, now they want to take our majestic landscape, throw some lipstick on it and sell tickets!?

What’s f#%king more, we refuse to ply corporate weasels with tax cuts or breaks or any other sort of preferential treatment! In fact, the weasely mother-f#%kers ought to pay us extra to set up shop here in the most beautiful place on the planet where they have access to the most educated workforce and affluent populace in the country from which to hire and sell their goods and services! We’re so f#%king tired of watching our politicians hand over our good tax dollars to corporations and other organizations to seduce and lure and entice them to come to Colorado. What am I, f#%king stupid!?  Who needs to be seduced to come to Colorado!?

(One wonders if after Boeing and some of the other bitches that wore tight sweaters and short skirts and danced with and dry-humped all the boys—Denver, San Diego, Seattle, etc.—and then married Chicago or somebody else, the Colorado pimps/pols who threw cash and booze and ski vacations at them felt the stinging humiliation and shame of a cheap passed over ugly whore?)

The largesse that corporate weasels are plied with so they smile on a paradise which they should, in a world that made any common f#%king sense at all, enter a goddamn lottery just for the chance to f#%king visit, is shameful! It’s nothing but a gift basket from an uptown pimp! The Good People don’t want anything to do with culturally deluded corporate weasels who by some f#%ked up, sick and twisted, convoluted rationale, think the taxpayers should bend over while the skeevy little bastards f#%k us unpleasantly up the ass!

(Apparently the wretched Gaylord family and its never-ending fortune of biblical proportions thinks The Good People of Colorado ought to pay them $80 million to build a goddamned Hee-Haw hotel at DIA!? What am I, f#%king stupid!? This greed- and glory-driven crazy ass half-wit whackadoodle psycho-religious-weasel family already owns the states of Oklahoma and Tennessee, including newspapers—the Columbia Journalism Review called The Daily Oklahoman the worst newspaper in America in 1999 for its consistently conservative bias and reportage conflicts of interest—TV and radio stations, state and private universities, and hotels (including our own glorious Broadmoor Hotel in the Springs) and amusement parks—including Opryland USA which they ran into the ground [along with Western Pacific Airlines]! This family farts and a building goes up with its name on a plaque over the door while it bastes the pimps who threw money at them in poison weasel pee in preparation for the financing of their next unholy mission from their white trash god! These skeevy scheming wretches have an ungodly hard-on for spreading whackodoodle socio-religious-political dogma and dread! To wit, in an almost unbelievable trillionaire tea-party trist, Senator Bennet’s former employer The Anschutz Corp. purchased all the assets of OPUBCO (the Gaylord Family’s then-corporate moniker) in 2011! Can Six F#%king Flags Over Jesus at Elitch Gardens be far away!?)39

One can’t help but believe these corporate weasels actually think they bring more to us than we bring to them!? What do they think the children of their employees will remember most when they grow up—the company where daddy or mommy worked at behind a desk, or the Rocky Mountains where they went skiing with their friends over Christmas vacation or the turn of the leaves on the hikes and bike rides and camping trips they went on to our world famous national parks!?

Seriously, what is it again big business thinks they bring to our f#%king table!?

We The Good People refuse to bend over for big f#%king business or big fracking oil or little f#%king Christo or the God-for-f#%king-saken Gaylords or Anschutzes or anybody else! The Good People fight the good fight every day and pay taxes to the communities we live and fight the good fight in! If our elected officials continue to give away that which we give to our community for schools and hospitals and libraries and clean water to skeevy snake-like weasels poised to bring the rape, plunder and pillage stage of free-based capitalism to The Good State, there will be blood (again, metaphorically speaking, of course)!


Colorado has twice the population growth of the U.S. as a whole.40 New voters are moving here in droves every day. And why not! We’re the thinnest, healthiest, smartest, wisest, most attractive, most fun-loving, most beer-brewingest populace41 in the country, and as I mentioned earlier, by the standards of anybody who knows anything, we live in the most breathtakingly beautiful place on the planet!

And as if all that weren’t enough, The Good People of Colorado, in our infinite wisdom, human compassion and common f#%king sense, passed responsible legislation legalizing marijuana for medical and, just this past election, recreational use—a welcome development with which 58 percent (and counting) of Americans agree!42 Does anyone doubt our population grows at an even faster clip now!? Moreover, does anyone doubt our whole-heartedly welcome new fellow Coloradoans will be young, vibrant and dynamic—and almost certainly have a progressive lilt to their politics!?

Those who worry about such things as population growth and economic forecasts (and political districts) and this, that and the other in our good state are wringing their hands and pulling their hair out trying to figure out why our migration rates are growing even with a joblessness rate above the national average.43 Strangely, however, our economy doesn’t seem to be suffering the same malaise as the rest of the nation!? Whatever could it be!?


Perhaps Senator Bennet has already lined up an appointment or maybe even another job before he has to go through another one of those election thingamajigs he had to go through once where The Good People actually choose who they want, ‘cause he barely won what must seem to him a damn near arbitrary process compared to his usual charm- and/or favor-based appointments.44 Or perhaps the good Senator will look inward and find and then summon some sense of statesmanship and see this time in our history for what it is—the defining moment in our civilization—and take a leadership role in forging a sustainable socio-economic model that revives the mojo of the middle class and lends a helping hand up off the floor to those of us who can’t keep up with the free-based capitalism he and his weasely co-conspirators have been trying to package and sell us like Viagra for social visionaries and economic patriots!

Then again, maybe the good Senator has been too often poisoned by weasel pee and will continue to champion the cause of big business and the wealthy while the rest of us—old renters included—are drug underneath the water and into a death-roll by the merciless jaws of free-based capitalism!

Is the good Senator really about fiscal responsibility? Or an absurd abuse of statesmanship right under our noses to further an immature, self-serving vision of public socio-economic policy spearheaded by a culture-threatening extremist strain of capitalism!? Poor people having less to spend on school clothes and supplies and old renters forced to become the new homeless in a fracking-scarred wasteland is not a tide upon which all boats rise! Is the good Senator really trading weasel class stock market performance/success (and a few cents at the gas pump) for the health and vitality of the middle class and the dynamic schools and breathtaking landscapes in which the Albert Einsteins’ and Steve Jobs’ of the future will sit inside of and stare out at and daydream while supposedly learning the theory of relativity and how to think f#%king different!?

Five years ago when the unholy sh!t hit the fan in our economy and lawmakers scrambled to bail out the Wall Street weasels (otherwise known as their bread and butter), there was a lot of high-minded talk about the “moral hazard” and the dangerous precedent and how in no time at all there’d be a weasel feeding frenzy at the taxpayers’ trough. That’s a moral hazard alright, but the infinitely-f#%king-more-important moral hazard—and the one nobody talks about—is how-the-f#%k bailing out the weasels who are reaping record profits now and want to cut off aid to the very same Good People who gave them our f#%king hearts and kidneys and livers and lungs and paid for them to be on life support when everyone in the f#%king world knew they deserved to be ended for the evil sh!t they’d done…the real f#%king moral hazard is how fair this all seems to The Good People!? The real f#%king moral hazard is what The Good People think about the fact that the weasels who caused all this sh!t are now once again being handed the keys to the kingdome they've already fleeced damn near to death! The real f#%king moral hazard is what The Good People think about the soulless weasel class who are without conscience or consideration of what we sacrificed for their recklessness and greed! The Good People have sacrificed five goddamned years—so far—of real pain, not that illusory sh!t the weasels felt! Their illusory pain has already transformed itself into record gains (95 percent of the increase in income since the recession began went to the top 10 percent)! That’s not illusory, that’s non-existent! That’s no steps backward and two steps f#%king forward!

And to put icing on the despicable diseased cake the weasels have baked, it turns out the weaseliticians did a damn near perfect job of changing all the relevant laws so as to legalize everything their Wall Street weasel overlords wanted them to! Their plan worked perfectly! Not a single Wall Street executive or even manager has gone to jail over the economic debacle of the last five years! Turns out f#%king The Good People up the ass was entirely legal thanks to your weaselitician and mine!

It's like they think we’re too f#%king stupid and busy picking lint out of our belly buttons and dingle berries out of our asses watching Wheel-of-f#%king-Fortune to understand what common skanky everyday whores are up to!


So apparently the ostensibly good Senator has decided to vote with the grown-ups on The Fire This Time.45 Turns out neither Very Big Business weasels nor Very Whiney Wealthy weasels have any use for the half-wit whackadoodle psycho-weasels anymore. Even the anger-choked constituents in their own ridiculously drawn political districts back home have turned against them. Apparently the deafening disgust with Congress wafted into the good Senator’s office, as well (shut down as it was during the dangerously deluded pesky prick-tweeters’ ill-conceived tantrum), and self-preservation overruled any points he might still want to make. The Good People were concerned Senator Bennet might still think there was a point to be made rooting around in the filth and feces of the congressional pigsty with the country club weasel-pigs and half-wit whackadoodle psycho-weasels like he did last time!? Perhaps he thought there were more points to make about “starving the beast”—maybe how us simpleton citizens feel unreasonably entitled to the same level of support until we get back on our feet and start pulling in record profits ourselves as the weasels got from us!? Maybe he’d want to make a point about how Head Start and school lunches and food stamps and student loans and other beastly appetites are killing the American Dream!? Or maybe he’d even decide this time to make a point about healthcare, and how now that he understands the true nature of the beast, that The Good People should just stop whining and stock up on band-aids!? Or maybe the good Senator would vote again to shut down the government? Or maybe again kick the can down the road so the evil deed can be done when the public is so f#%king weary we can’t hold our heads up to watch TV and pay attention and haven’t the strength of spirit to give a good flying f#%k anymore and just roll off our couches and into the delousing showers!?

Like the song says, Senator Bennet, our concern was and still is Who-the-f#%k are you!?

We The Good People have had quite f#%king enough of plutocrats and weasels running our democracy! They’ve turned it into their own bought and paid for clearinghouse to service their own selfish agenda—in blatant and direct opposition to the interests of the majority of Americans. Our grand American experiment is in peril, and the snakes that imperiled it are unimpeded in their progress because of the wealth and power they yield. What’s more, the wannabe weasels under their influence have sold their souls and mind-f#%ked themselves so often its become second nature and a part of their second-rate personalities. These soft-headed weasels do and say what they’re told; they are foot soldiers in the Weasel War, expendable and infinitely replaceable. The steady flow of soft-headed soulless weasels into the political process who close their eyes and hold out their hands is how the middle class was lost.

The American Dream is not just a cute little bungalow with a white picket fence, it’s an affordable rental so the dream can take root and it can all start to happen. It’s quality affordable health care and education, it’s clean air and water now and for our children’s children’s children and so forth and so on; it’s the matchless pristine beauty of our birthright protected like the family jewels it is; it’s the welcoming promise to the tired and poor and yearning to breath free; it’s the very soul of the land of the free and home of the brave, goddammit!

We’re tired of being patronized and placated by our representatives with phony empathy and self-serving self-righteous speeches. We’re tired of wondering why when Wall St. needs help, a vote is cast and overnight the world is saved. But when The Good People need help, the vote is to kick the can down the road and f#%k us later when we’re not looking. Mostly, though, we’re just tired from the bigger and bigger load we’re forced to bear while corporations’ loads get smaller and smaller. We’re so very f#%king tired, and all too aware of the straw somewhere very near that’s gonna bring us to our knees.

There has to be a place in America for The Good People to live simple lives—even small lives—without the repercussions of small-minded self-deluded greed-basted politicians and other simpletons selling snake-oil economics they don’t even understand except that when they say what they’re told by the weasel up-ladder, donations magically appear in their bank accounts! The skeevy retarded weasel mother-f#%kers haven’t got a clue what they’re doing to our civilization! They’re goddamned simpleton hounds of Pavlov’s hell barking into a f#%king TV camera to ring a bell to get fed!

If there’s a good god in heav’n, please kick their skeevy asses for clearly the weasely little sh!ts know not what they f#%king do! (But they sure as hell know better!)

Go ahead, tell us to eat cake….


Colorado, 11/01/13





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38.The federal lawsuit brought by ROAR (Rags Over the Arkansas River, a community group in southern Colorado committed to protecting the Bighorn Sheep Canyon for the people who live in and depend on it), challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s authority to make such a deal is still active. The Good People feel entitled to a vote over something so un-f#%king-believably-shaky to begin with, let alone it affects so many millions of lives. Certainly something of this scale and that in which so many have standing, should at the very least be put to a vote. Never mind the whole f#%king thing is weasel art for the weasel class masquerading as music for the masses! (Coming Soon: Christo’s Vision and Mission: Weasel Art for the Weasel Class Masquerading as Music for the Masses!) (return to text)
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(Grateful acknowledgement is hereby made to the truly lovely New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, and her column of Jan. 1, 2013, “The Man Who Said ‘Nay’,” which first alerted me to the apparently not-so-good Senator Bennet’s obviously deep and abiding hatred of old renters and way of life that is quintessentially American. And to Messrs. Townsend and Daltrey for the stray lyrical reference not-so-casually dropped; and to the Egyptian Book of the Dead for the same. And to Lou Reed, for more sweetness in Jane, and what was shared of a life fully lived, R.I.P. Lou…. And finally, to Slim Cessna who helped me truly see The Good People at a Slim Cessna’s Auto Club show at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado, many years ago. And as always to Pussy Riot for being.)