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01/07/15--Voices In My Head Unhinged! Earth's Rotation Slowing!?

11/05/14--Wait— What!? The Elections Happened Already!?

09/29/14--Voices In My Head Spooked! Trouble Not Brewing In the Republic!?

08/29/14--Killer Cop Goes Free! Republic Braces For Riots!

10/24/13--Heeled Republicans Insist They Get Democracy Now

10/05/13--Republicans To Fight Emancipation Proclamation Next

07/15/13--Pope Francis Changes Rules For Heaven and Hell: Muslim Paradise Gets Bump

01/05/13--Boulder Cop (Taxidermist) Shoots (Bags) Crazed Killer (Old and Feeble) Elk (Trophy)




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11/01/14--Vol. 1; Dispatch 1: The Dust Bowl This Time: How The Tea Party's Scorched Earth Attack On The Affordable Care Act Is Drying Up The Land That Was Made For You And Me

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The Good Commission

11/01/13--Vol. 1; Sermon 2: Of Weasels and Men... (Part II)

10/01/13--Vol. 1; Sermon 2: Of Weasels and Men... (Part I)

07/22/13--Vol. 1; Sermon 1: Behold Francis The Crazy!

*Update: 10/31/13-- Would-be Plot To Assassinate Pope Exposes Pedo-tactics!

*Update: 08/05/13-- Pope On A Plane





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Otis Hieronymous Keyes was born and raised in Oklahoma, educated in New York City, and lives in Colorado. A former ghostwriter and shortstop, now Otis gardens and hunts all manner of weasels, polecats and armadevils therein.